The King 2 Hearts | Hang Ah & Jae Ha || Say It Now

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"I don't wanna fight a war that no one's gonna win"

This is my six video followed of Kdrama, only these dramas can make me made a video more than three minutes for a single couple. I already said when I'm uninspired to make videos, just start a new drama or watch videos of old ones that all of my inspirations come back.
And I LOVE this couple, I think they are a bit different from the other couples from other dramas I watched, I don't know why, but it's, and my first video of them was after the episode 12, now I bring from the whole drama, and I must say I loved the end of this couple, yes, yes it was a happy ending, I know, I have not seen any drama that did not have a happy ending, but the way it ended was the way that says we're together, but we still have many things to work it out. Anyway, this song has many hits, and some very hard to do, so I decided to do something simple.
Oh, I don't know if you know, but I am simply in love with Lee Seung Gi, please, look his face, and his voice, OMG!! This year he will make a new drama of MBC with Suzy, I think I'll love them both in scenes, do you thing? ... Let's wait and see :)

"I will only love you until the day I die" (Jae Ha)
song: Say It Now by The Afters
Drama: The King 2 Hearts

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